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Type: Valve Adapters
Material: Aluminum
Manifold Interface (bottom): D05 - ISO 4401-05-04 / NFPA T3.5.1
Solenoid Interface (top): D03 - ISO 4401-03-02 / NFPA T3.5.1
Port Orientation: A & B Reversed
Mounting: UNC Standard for ASE & NPT


Contact us for Custom Designs, Cannot be Ordered on this Platform - Build Your Own Valve Adapters Here


Valve Adapters are designed to provide a means to mount different valve types to existing manifold interfaces. Sometimes referred to as "transition plates" or "blocks", Valve Adapters fit between valves and subplates, or manifolds, and allow a customer to mount different size valves on the same manifold, or to replace one size valve on a manifold or subplate with a different size valve. Dual tank ports are standard for all D05 valve interfaces to take advantage of higher performance limits of the manifold interface, thus reducing backpressure on the valve and achieving maximum valve performance. All mounting holes are provided, and all clearance holes to manifold interface are provided for all valve adapters to ensure structural integrity.

  • D05(H or HE) to D03 Valve Adapters with A and B oriented are supplied with A & B Gauge Parts as standard. Gauge Ports are optionally available on other valve adapters.
  • All clearance holes to manifold interface are provided for all valve adapters to ensure structural integrity.
  • All D05H and D05HE Solenoid Interfaces are designed with both tank ports connected to the tank port of the mating manifold interface to ensure maximum valve performance.
  • External Pilot Port Valve Adapters for interface X & Y ports are available.
  • "L" Port Valve Adapters are available.
  • Gasket Mount Pressure or Flow Controls to Current ISO Interface Valve Adapters are available.
  • Obsolete to Current ISO Interface Valve Adapters are available.
  • Servo Valve Adapters are available.


Standard Materials:
Other Material Options:
Maximum Pressure:
Special Finishes:

Aluminum-6061T6 and Ductile-654512
Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Alu 3,000 PSI, Duc 5,000 PSI
Black Oxide, Electroless Nickel Plating, Anodizing
UNC or Metric mounting kits with Viton® O-Rings and locating pins are provided


Test Stands - When a Bar Manifold can be used, but one or several of the stations required lower flow, a valve adapter is the more economical solution to use more adequate valves matching each flow requirement.

Refurbishing Equipment - Obsolete valves can be updated to more modern replacements even if the mounting pattern doesn’t match just by using one of our many valve adapters.

Contact us for Custom Designs - Build Your Own Valve Adapters Here

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